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Community Choice Awards 2021

Have your say and tell us your favourite small brands from our Markets!

Have your say!

2021 has been a year of real highs and challenging lows for us all in our community and at AVVM, we always like to end things on the most positive note possible! 

We wanted to do something this December that would give our Platform community the chance to support their favourite sellers from this year so that we could recognise their achievements and shout about them! 

Introducing... The Community Choice Awards.


How it Works

Nominate your favourite brands for each of our 10 categories in our form below. Nominations end Sunday 12th December at 6pm.

On Monday 13th we will shortlist the top 5 most nominated brands in each category. Voting will open for the winners at 6pm.

Voting closes on Sunday 19th at 6pm.

There will be a live Awards Party on Instagram at 8pm to announce the Awards winners on Monday 20th December. All nominees should attend the Awards Party, winners will go live with us to accept their awards and say hi!


Only brands that have traded in our Markets and Pop-Up this year, 2021, are eligible to be nominated and win.

Our Markets are all archived on our Instagram account feed. To refresh your memory and see who traded with us this year, simply head over to our account @avirtualvintagemarket and scrolling down our picture grid to browse our Markets from 2021.

Includes all premium Markets (Vintage, Reworked, Circular, Sustainable Lifestyled, Easter, Summer & Christmas) and Affordable.

You are only able to submit your nominations and vote once!

Nominated brands cannot vote for themselves!

Voting Closed