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Consignor Terms of Use

For Consignors, or those thinking of applying to consign, here are our Terms of Use.


We, Us, Our, AVVM - Refers to us, A Virtual Vintage Market. 

Consignor - individual who consigns items to our Platform for the purposes of loaning them to Renters and for private, off-platform sales.

Renter - individual approved by our Platform who rents pieces for agreed periods from our Consignors. 

Platform - Our A Virtual Vintage Market website and Instagram account through which A Virtual Vintage Rental operates. We refer to all collectively as our Platform or AVVM.

Rental Piece/Item - Item listed on our Platform for the purposes of renting/loaning. 

Inventory - Collection of Rental pieces.

RRP - The Recommended Retail Price of an item. 

Rental Price - The minimum cost to hire an item, excluding restocking & postal charges.

Membership - Individuals consigning their items to our Platform are required to have a paying Membership, which is for 6 month or 12 month periods. 

IG - Instagram.

Shop - Instagram Shop feature.




A Virtual Vintage Rental is our very own Rental Agency, providing a direct Consignor to Renter online service. 

It is owned and operated by, and a part of, A Virtual Vintage Market.

Our Rental Services operate via our website, - our website provides the platform through which Consignors showcase their stock for the purposes of rental and Renters can request and loan items. 

We list Consignor's items to our Instagram account, @avirtualvintagemarket, to promote both the items and the Consignor via the Shop.

We reserve the right to change our terms as and when we wish.

Applying to become a Consignor

To become a Consignor, you must apply to us through our online form found on our website. 

The personal information we will ask for is your full name, the name of your business (if applicable), your Instagram handle, contact details (email and telephone), a list of the pieces you wish to consign, a reference (this can either be our Market IF you have been a trading seller in one of our Markets so have a working relationship with us, a trader that you buy from regularly, or another Consignor who can vouch for you). You are also required to agree to provide high quality photography including at least one per item of the item modelled on a person or mannequin.

Once you have submitted your application, we will write to you to ask for example photography (if none available on your IG) and discuss the terms of your membership, if we feel that the platform is suitable for you and your inventory.


It is advantageous if you have had experience renting pieces.

We only accept items pre-1999 that have a minimum RRP of £75.

Your Inventory & Page

A Virtual Vintage Rental manages your online page and virtual inventory, and is responsible for rotating your items.


It is essential that Consignors ensure we have up to date inventories and to ensure that what is listed online is representative of what Consignors have available for rental.


All items listed are available for renting and exclusively with A Virtual Vintage Rental, and items listed cannot be listed on other platforms or websites.

Consignors have an inventory of up to 15 items listed to our platform. 

Consignors are able to privately sell items listed, but all items must be available to rent. When an item is sold, Consignors can supply a replacement item to list. 

Images must be clear, high res and items well presented. There must be at least one photo per item modelled on a person or mannequin.

No lewd or graphic content. The minimum number of photos is 3. If pieces are by a designer, please provide an image of a label. 

Consignors are required to provide detailed and accurate cataloguing of rental items, to include:

- Designer

- Era

- Material

- Accurate Measurements

- Condition & Flaws


- Minimim rental/hire cost. 

Rental costs are excluding of re-stocking fees and shipping costs. 

Consignors are solely responsible for determining their rental and associated costs. 

Approved members will be sent a label they can add to their website to advertise their Consignor membership of our Rental Agency and link it directly to their inventory page (please talk to your website provider/designer about how, unless your site is DIY!)

 Agreeing Terms of Rent and Renting of Items

All individuals who rent items, known as Renters, are vetted and approved by us. They must apply for membership of our Rental Community. This is not to exclude individuals, but to create an exclusive group of trusted members who can hire and enjoy premium vintage fashion with peace of mind. 

A Virtual Vintage Rental oversees the agreeing of rental terms, from point of enquiry through to completion of signed terms. 

Approved Renters make rental requests through their account which come through to us. We will then get in touch with you, the Consignor, to notify you of the request - if you would like to move ahead we will initiate an email thread with you, the Renter and ourselves to agree on the terms. 


We provide outline terms however if you have specific requirements for your inventory, or a particular item, please make us aware so that we can include these in the paperwork. 

Renters are not permitted to clean, alter, deconstruct, adjust, dye, stain, or make any modification to the item without the Consignor's knowledge or consent. Any evidence of the aforementioned is a violation of our terms of use. We hope that our vetting policy regarding Renter membership prevents this from occuring.


Once both parties have signed the terms, Renters will pay the agreed, required rental fees directly to the Consignor and the Consignor will post the item. Please provide packaging that Renters can return the item in, or return packaging. 


We, the Agency, will take card details from the Renter prior to completion of terms to keep for a minimum of 30 days in the unfortunate event of material loss, theft or damage. If Consignors are owed monies from a Renter for lost, stolen or damaged items, we will oversee the settlement procedure.


Once the agreed rental period is finished, the Renter will be required to post the item back to the Consignor at the address provided in the contract (Terms) within 48 hours (2 days). We recommend Renters return using Royal Mail Special Delivery for insurance purposes. 

Renters must provide Consignors with proof of postage and a tracking number. 

Once Consignors have received their item back, they must ensure the item is cleaned and ready for wear. 

If there is any significant damage to the item that the Renter has not notified the Consignor of that is not listed in the condition report of the item, the Consignor cam open a dispute with the Renter through us. via email. We will help both parties reach a fair solution. 

Renters are liable for any professional cleaning costs if an item is stained during the rental period and required expert care. Renters are also liable for repair costs should they damage an item during the rental period. 

Should substantial damage occur to the extent the item is unsaleable (significant loss of value), the Renter will be liable for the full RRP of the item. 

Renters will be liable for late return fees if the items are not returned within the agreed period. We will incur these charges using the card details provided and issue the monies to Consignors. 

Our Online Rental Agency, Services & Responsibilities

A Virtual Vintage Market and its Rental Service, A Virtual Vintage Rental, are solely responsible for: 

  • Providing an online Platform for Consignors to showcase their Inventory for the purposes of private rental and sale.

  • For vetting and approving both Consignors and Renters wishing to use the Rental Services and have access to the Platform.

  • For providing the broader Terms of Use for the Platform and its services.

  • For stepping in to assist with any disputes between Consignors and Renters as and when is possible.


We have no material involvement or responsibility, and will therefore not involve ourselves, if a rental is agreed between Consignor and Renter off-platform, with no signed AVVM/Platform Terms.


We have no material involvement or responsibility with regard to private sales. Private sales of inventory items are strictly between Consignor and Renter.

Billing & Membership

  • Consignor Membership is £30 per month, which is to be paid to AVVM via direct debit.

  • Contract periods are either 6 months or 12 months. If you no longer wish to consign with us, you will need to give us written notice a month prior to your contract renewal date. This is only applicable if you are on a 12 month contract and wish to terminate after 6 months.

How We Process Your Data

Your personal data will be processed for the purposes as set out below:

  • Your Name & Address: For the purpose of Rental Term Agreements and your Account on our platform.

  • Your Contact Details: For the purposes of using our Rental Services, your Account on our Platform, and also if we wish to contact you directly about Marketing opportunities pertaining to our Rental Services.

  • Your Inventory: Information about your products is public for the purposes of our Platform and its use. 

  • Your Billing Information: We have your billing information for the purpose of taking monthly membership payments.