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Platform Etiquette

To ensure our core values of mindfulness and fairness are upheld, we have set out our policies and views on several aspects of engaging with our platform. 

The Market

The Market is very busy, with traders receiving a high volume of enquiries. Please be patient - they will respond to you.

Do ask plenty of questions and check store policies before committing to a purchase.


We love seeing our customers, traders and collaborating fashion brands/figures engage with our platform and shout us out.

Our brand hashtags are:




Our platform hashtags are for Market traders, Market customers and collaborating fashion profiles to use to promote and share their engagement with our platform.

We ask those not trading or collaborating with us to not use our hashtags and account to self-promote.

An enormous amount of hard work goes into running the platform and organising the Market - circumventing the trader application process is unfair on the traders who have applied, prepared and promoted their stock exclusively for the Market. 


Stallholders trade with our platform exclusively over the weekend of the Market. There is a nominal fee to trade in both Markets.

We wish to ensure that we are offering our customers a unique, diverse and exclusive shopping experience with beautiful things that cannot be found anywhere else.

We curate our Market each month to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. 



A Virtual Vintage Market is responsible for promoting the marketplace and market. 

Traders are responsible for the image quality and merchandising of their stock.

We have no involvement with transactions - these are strictly between buyer and seller. 



If you have any concerns or have a negative experience, please DM or email us telling us what happened. We will do our very best to resolve any issues.

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