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Our Vintage Market

A Virtual Vintage Market takes place once a month on Instagram. Like a marketplace, traders have their own virtual stall and customers can browse their store fronts before heading to their pages to browse their stock. 


Traders stall out at home, in their studios or their shops, sharing live streams, videos and photos of their pieces and engage with customers in real time. 

How does it work?

On Market day, our Instagram feed becomes a virtual marketplace with traders having their own virtual stalls.

Customers browse the stalls and head over to the traders' pages to view their stock and enquire after items. 

Some traders have websites or Etsy shops you can purchase through, while others accept PayPal so you can buy via their DMs. 

We do not share stock to our stories on the day, nor handle enquiries about items for sale - we ask that customers to get in touch with traders directly.

I'm interested in trading in your Vintage Market - how do I apply?

If you are a vintage trader selling vintage clothing, jewellery & accessories pre-1999 you are welcome to apply for a stall in our Market.

For further information, please head to our Trader Information page.

Moon Mama Vintage

Absolutely love trading with A Virtual Vintage Market. 

Amazing traders, the loveliest customers, such a buzz and atmosphere on the day. It's just wonderful.

A Curated Life

It was like being at the best party with all your favourite people!

Saluto London

Trading with A Virtual Vintage Market has been the best, and has been such a crucial factor in the development of my small business - it's something I look forward to each month and it's been so fabulous in allowing me to connect with so many customers and traders

Our Virtual Markets

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