We have outlined our trader application process for both our Vintage Market and our Reworked Market.

Both follow the same structure with the same practices and processes in place.


At home, in the studio or in a shop - it doesn't matter where you are! Set up a stall, curate a space or stock up your rail and prepare to spend the day trading as though you were at a real market, all via Instagram. 

On market day, we post a carousel style virtual stall comprising a shop front, introductory video/portrait and stock images. Customers will scroll down our feed, browsing the virtual stalls and head over to traders' pages to see what treasures await.


To ensure we are giving as many traders as possible the opportunity to participate in one of our markets, we reset our trader list at the end of each event. We believe this promotes fairness.

We do not reserve places for traders, nor do we accept payments for a permanent space.

After we announce the date of the next market via Instagram on the Friday evening following the market, we then open for applications on the following Monday at 6pm. We will close at 6pm the following day.

Traders are asked to complete an application form which will be posted to this website. We will also share the link in our Instagram bio.

Having an Instagram account for your business is essential as this is how you trade in our market.

It is advantageous to get your application in as soon as possible as we process them in chronological order.

We will take into account your stock, how you merchandise garments and image quality, as presented on your Instagram page.

From a customer viewpoint, it is essential that our market is inclusive and that there is something for everyone - whether it be garments for curvy girls, menswear, jewellery or maternity pieces. We therefore do approach applications with a curating eye so that the market is diverse and there is not too much competition between traders selling similar garments.

Successful traders will be written to shortly after we have processed applications and all other applicants will be placed on our waiting list. Nobody is ever rejected or not welcome to trade at our markets, and there is always a chance a virtual stall will become available if there is a cancellation.

There is a nominal fee to trade in our Vintage and Vintage Reworked Markets.

Traders who will trade or have traded exclusively in our Markets will be at an advantage when we process applications.

We wish to ensure that we are offering our customers a unique, diverse and exclusive shopping experience with beautiful things that cannot be found anywhere else. 

It also means there is synergy between our platform and traders, and clear for our customers in terms of what's available when they tune in on Market day.

As our Market has a limited number of spaces, it is important to us that as many traders as possible have the opportunity to sell virtually on Instagram, and in our Market, as possible. 

We will never tell traders what they can and can't do as we believe there is room for all in our community - there are plenty of fairs, markets and platforms online, especially on Instagram. 


There are 30 virtual stalls in our monthly Vintage Market. 

Our Vintage Market is open to traders who sell original vintage clothing, jewellery & accessories pre-1999. We do not accept re-worked, reclaimed, upcycled or pre-loved items.


There are 20 virtual stalls in our monthly Vintage Reworked Market. 

Our Vintage Reworked Market is open to traders who sell re-worked, reclaimed and upcycled vintage clothing, jewellery & accessories pre-1999. We do not accept original vintage, pre-loved or reworked contemporary items.

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