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Apply to trade in our Markets.

Apply to Trade with Us!

Which Market are you applying to trade in?

Market fees vary per Market. The items you'll be promoting prior to Market are reflective of your trading stock. We ask that all brands do not trade with other virtual Markets on the same day as our Markets. We do not mind sellers trading from their shops/stalls at physical spaces however they must be able to respond to our Market customer enquiries in a timely manners :) By clicking submit you are agreeing to our terms.

Thanks for submitting!

Thinking of Applying?

Here are a few essential things to know before scrolling down to apply!

  • You will need an Instagram account for your business

  • Media must be high res, bright & clear

  • Sellers step in front of the camera, adding the personal touch you would have in real life.

  • The Markets are LIVE events - you must have a trading space for the day (at home/studio etc), be on hand to answer enquiries and post content throughout the day.

  • There is a fee to trade in each of our Markets.

Please read our FAQs before applying.

The Perfect Application

  • Is enthusiastic and tells us about your brand, what you'll be selling in the Market you apply for and why you want to work with us.

  • Has a professional Instagram account with bright, clear and high-res media.

  • Thoughtfully merchandised products.

  • You engage with our Platform and community, and share our values.

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